On Saturday, Toronto’s newest artistic initiative held its’ debut event.  SL!CK is a an immersive online concert series that aims to amplify the voices of Queer and disabled artists of colour  through music, acting, and performing. The inspiration for this event was “La Diablesse,” a folklore story with roots from the Caribbean community. The story centres around a woman who seduces unsuspecting men, luring them to their death. The name “La Diablesse” given to this enticing woman translates to “the devil,” because it was believed that she was the  half-human half-animal form of the devil. This story was passed down from generation to generation and SL!ICK added their own twist. Joined by Toronto artist Savannah Taylor, this collective set out to re-imagine La Diablesse story from villain to a true heroin for black women,  avenging those who have been wronged and marginalized by society and challenging society’s fear of sexuality and femininity. 

Artist/organizer Xeynamay spoke on the importance of SL!CK’s existence, “Artistic initiatives like this are necessary in Toronto because there aren’t many spaces that allow queer disabled artists of colour  to train and explore their multi-disciplinary skills. Giving artists autonomy around the type of training they receive is important. Artistic initiatives like this are imperative for the growth of our community. Toronto culture is filled with the culture of this very diverse community, what happens when our community is given resources and funding? Pure Magic,” she explains. 

SL!CK is set out to be  a quarterly event featuring different artists every episode. The goal, Xeynamay says, is to have access to more funding and resources that can guarantee consistency. The Savannah Taylor episode will be released this December online.

Jarrod Daley